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Twist n Shout Hydrangea

Weather conditions have been ideal for hydrangeas this year. They look gorgeous!

Twist n Shout Hydrangea with a blue flower head
Twist n Shout Hydrangea with a pink flower head

Like all plants in the Endless Summer Collection, Twist-n-Shout produces abundant blooms on both old and new wood all summer long. Lacy deep-pink centers are surrounded by gorgeous blossoms of pink or periwinkle blue, depending on soil type. Sturdy red stems and glossy deep green leaves turn red-burgundy in fall to offer year-round interest in the garden.

Easy to care for and hardy to zone 4, Twist-n-Shout is an elegant stand-along specimen, dramatic in combination with other plants, and compact enough for containers.

You can find these beautiful plants welcoming you in the Entry Garden.(2016)

Light-O-Day Hydrangea

Light-O-Day Hydrangea flower head view

Light-O-Day Hydrangea features stunning, pure white variegation on its foliage. Pair that remarkable quality with large, lacecap blossoms and you have a great attention grabber to add to your garden or containers. Light-O-Day's outer ring of flowers is a stunning bright white. The delicate inner blooms are a beautiful blue or soft pink depending on your soil type.

Light-O-Day Hydrangea plant view

New gardeners will find it's an easy-to-grow, show-stopper. Light-O-Day is a compact grower, making it perfect for urban gardens and containers. The unique foliage and blooms add eye-catching brilliance into your garden border.

You can find this hydrangea in the entry garden right before entering the main gates(2016).

Glowing Embers and Endless Summer Hydrangea

Glowing Embers
Glowing Embers

The popularity of these big, bold plants has grown within the last few years since the new varieties are more hardy and mildew resistant. Hydrangeas should be sited in moist, rich garden soil in partial sun to fairly deep shade. Hydrangeas can be categorized into 4 different types: Mophead, lacecap, Oakleaf and panicle.

Glowing Embers - This gorgeous ornamental shrub with large, lush crimson flowers is truly and eye catcher. It has a compact habit with coarse, deep green glossy foliage with a pretty red tinge. It is a very easy plant to grow as it is disease and pest-resistant. The flowers start out with a white eye and then fully color to solid crimson red blooms. Blossomes are large, 10-12" across and dry well for winter enjoyment. The bloom season is from early summer through late fall.

Endless Summer Hydrangea
Endless Summer

Endless Summer has a height of 3 - 5' and is the first macrophylla type to bloom on both old and new wood for large, colorful flower mops all season long. It is remarkably hardy and more mildew resistant than other varieties. The bloom color is blue but will turn pink in alkaline soils and sometimes both blue and pink blooms can be seen on the same plant.

Both Glowing Embers and Endless Summer are Mophead hydrangeas and can be viewed in our entry garden.(2016)

Osteospermum White Lightning

Osteospermum White Lightning

Osteospermum White Lightning - in November after first frost

Grow White Lightning in any climate.

Cheery crisp white daisy blooms with a yellow center are striking even “asleep,”. Its yellow undersides makes it appealing even when the flower is closed on cloudy days. And it presents well when the flowers partially close and both colors are visible.

Osteospermum White Lightning also looked great in the Linnaeus Garden well into the fall. After our first frost in early November, it looked as crisp and cheerful as it did in summer.

You can find this fresh daisy-like flower above our test beds along the curved drive outside the fence.(2016)

Lobelia Techno Blue

Lobelia Techno Blue

Here is an annual that will catch your eye with its low growing habit and lots of flowers. It shows off its stuff from late June through mid August. Grows in sun to partial sun with intense, cobalt blue flowers that have a good mounding and trailing habit and will not melt down in the heat as the old varieties did.

This little show stopper can be found in our Entry Garden and due to its wonderful blue color gives the visitor a cooling feeling. It's bright blue flowers also stand out in plantings throughout the Fountain Garden.(2016)

Gaura Sparkle White

Gaura 'Sparkle White'

Gaura Sparkle White will bring a touch of airy elegance to the garden with its long slender stems sporting a large number of dainty white flowers tinged with a pink blush. This beauty is perfect mass planted in sun-drenched landscape beds, in groupings with other perennials or in larger containers.

Home gardeners will appreciate that this season-long bloomer also has excellent heat tolerance and a more uniform flowering habit than other gauras. It is a 2014 All American Selection award winner.

Gaura Sparkle While does not need deadheading and can be grown in full or partial sun. It blooms from late spring to frost.

See this beautiful plant in front of the Linnaeus Garden welcome sign at the beginning of the Entry Garden and in the Boulder Garden. (2016)

Geranium 'Biokovo Karmina' hybrid used as a ground cover

Geranium 'Biokovo Karmina'

Perennial Geranium is always a favorite for its excellent mounding habit and masses of flowers from late spring to mid-summer. Geranium plants are tolerant of both wet and dry conditions.

Geranium Biokovo Karmina from the Biokovo Mountains in Europe can be used as a ground cover. It grows a short 6-12” high and makes a wonderful filler plant for any landscape. In fall the aromatic foliage takes on a red tint adding season-extending interest. It is deer resistant and beneficial for pollinators.

Geranium Biokovo is a tried and true plant that is good for beginners.

In the Linnaeus Garden, it forms a flowering ground cover in our mostly-shady Entry Garden, to the right as you near the Linnaeus statue. (2016)

Catmint 'Walker's'

Walker's Catmint

Walker's catmint is famous for its wonderful fragrance that butterflies, bees and cats love.

Beautiful, lush, purple flower spikes start to appear in early summer and continue for up to 3 months. Walker’s catmint is excellent for cascading off walls or container edges and as a groundcover that is somewhat drought resistant with time. It's a great perennial to add to your garden.

This plant can be found in our Herb Garden (2016).

Grace Smoketree

Cotinus Smoketree Gracie

Grace Smoketree (Cotinus coggygria x obovatus 'Grace') is an elegant hybrid of the European and North American species. Light red spring foliage matures to rich wine-red leaves. These evolve to a showy mix of orange, red, purple and golds in the fall. Frothy purplish-pink clusters of flowers resemble smoky plumes, adding drama to the landscape in midsummer. Upright and spreading, this low-branched tree develops a rounded head as it reaches about 20 feet in height with a 15 foot spread.

Like all smoke trees, Cotinus 'Grace' is disease free and drought tolerant. It requires full sun and will not grow well in shade. In low light conditions it has a lax habit and will not flower or develop foliage color. Cotinus 'Grace' will grow in a wide range of soils with average fertility.

You can locate it at the top of our Boulder Garden.(2016)

Double Play Gold Spirea

Double Play Gold Spirea

Bright gold foliage contrasts with abundant, hot pink spring flowers on Double Play Gold Spirea. It maintains its neat compact mounded shape with very little pruning. More intensely colored than other varieties, this spirea adds season-long impact to gardens with very little effort. It is ideal for foundation and mass plantings.

You can find a mass planting of Double Play Gold Spirea in the Fountain Garden. Look for numerous other spirea cultivars in interesting colors in locations throughout the garden.(2016)

Last Updated 5/26/2016